Business Spotlight–Terri Davis–Doterra

Terri Davis of Doterra is the subject of this Allen in Action Business Spotlight.

She is a Cancer Conqueror and competitive short distance runner with 10 grandchildren.

Her goal is to bring hope and answers to those feeling trapped with their health, emotionally or physically.

You can reach her by email:

Or on her website:



The Allen Fairview Chamber of Commerce

This first episode of Allen in Action features the staff of The Allen Fairview Chamber of Commerce:

  • CEO–Sharon Mayer
  • Finance Director–Karen Simpson
  • Member Services & Events Director–Rhonda Ptak
  • Membership Director–Saundra Midkiff

You’ll also hear messages from Members of the Allen Fairview Chamber of Commerce.

We’d like to thank Heritage Ranch Golf and Country Club as well as Blake Zaal of American Teachers Retirement Services

And special thanks to The Allen Fairview Chamber of Commerce